Half Century Plus

The 59-mile Half Century Plus Route is challenging from miles 13 through 45. The first 13 miles and the last 14 miles of this route are a “piece of cake.” The route has two steep climbs. However, both are very short. The longest hill is only 0.25 mile long. Most all of the Half Century Plus Route is on smoothly paved and lightly traveled country roads.

The route begins in downtown London “The Cycling Capital of Kentucky ™.” The first 12 miles of the route are flat to very gently rolling. At the 12.7 mile point you will start a steep climb up Roy Black Road. This is actually a series of short climbs broken up by level spots. The hill is steepest at the bottom. At the 18.8 mile point you will enjoy flying down a 3.4 mile gentle downhill.

At the 22 mile point you will cross the beautiful Rockcastle River. This is a great place to take photographs from the refurbished Hwy 490 bridge. After the bridge you will turn right on Hwy 89. Hwy 89 has the feel of a bike path instead of a highway. At the 25.5 mile point it is best to walk your bikes across the WPA constructed historic bridge. The boards are spaced the perfect distance apart to catch those skinny road bike tires.

At the 31.4 mile point you will turn right on Hwy 2002 and will soon start your toughest climb of the day. The Tussey Hill climb starts with a 0.25 mile hill. After this hill you will have 0.1 mile to catch your breath before starting up a 0.1 mile hill that looks like a vertical paved wall. After this climb you can relax and pedal along gently rolling hills, a nice downhill and flat to gently rolling roads for much of the rest of your ride. However, the hills aren’t completely over by any stretch of the imagination. You will have two fairly challenging hills, one each on Moores Creek Church Road and Moore’s Creek School Road.

At the 39.2 mile point you will have the opportunity to stop at a country store/gas station (Liberty) that has great ham and cheese sandwiches or if you want a hot meal there is a roadside restaurant (Tucky’s) just 0.1 mile further. There is water available at the McWhorter Church, located at the 47.3 mile point of the route. You will finish in beautiful downtown London, where there are local restaurants, pubs, a bike shop and lots of other things to do. Congratulations. You made it.