Lake Trail

The Lake Trail begins at a small parking area at the junction of KY HWY 192 and KY HWY 1193. The route is known as a great “beginner’s” trail. Much of the Lake Trail runs along Laurel River Lake. Laurel River Lake is a combination flood control, hydroelectricity generation and recreation lake. The lake was built by the US Corps of Engineers and is managed jointly by the Corps of Engineers and the US Forest Service. All of the Lake Trail is within the Daniel Boone National Forest. Part of the trail is adjacent to the Holly Bay Campground and Holly Bay Marina. The Lake Trail is a out-and-back trail that is 5.4 miles in each direction.

A great selection of other trails awaits mountain bikers who seek recreational challenge across rugged terrain in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Since most of the Daniel Boone National Forest trails were constructed primarily for hiking, most are narrow and sometimes steep. You should expect to carry or walk your bike along some sections of trail.

Many national forest trails are “multiple-use.” Mountain bikers often share the trail with hikers, horseback riders and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. Please remember to Share The Trail.

Avoid riding trails during wet weather. This can damage trails by rutting the tread and eroding the soil.

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