Thriller Route- Metric Century

The 63-mile Thriller Route is very scenic with just the right mixture of flats, gently rolling hills, a few steep but very short climbs and fast down-hill descents. The steepest grade is 12% for just a few feet. At least three short hills have grades of 10%. The Thriller Route starts at the Laurel County Farmer’s Market on South Main Street in London. If you are here in the spring or summer, the Farmer’s Market is bustling with Laurel County Farmers selling produce. Follow the 63-mile “Dan Henry” markings out of town. At about the 6 mile marker you will start your steepest climb of the day. This short hill gradually increases in grade until it reaches 12% for a short distance near the top of the hill. At the 10-mile marker you will ride behind Hazel Green School. The school is an elementary school now but for several decades the Hazel Green Bullfrogs were one of the dominate high school basketball powerhouses in Kentucky. The tiny school actually won the Kentucky State Tournament in 1940 and reached the State Tournament Final Four three additional times.

At the 17.7 mile point you can stop at Sloan Furniture at Greenmount. This is a good place to fill your water bottles and is home to the first rest stop on “The Thriller Ride” each October. If you need food there is a small country diner less than 1/4 mile away.

At the 37 mile point you will pass Sustainable Harvest Farm on the left. Sustainable Harvest Farm, owned by former professional cyclist Ford Waterstradt, is the only USDA certified organic farm within more than 100 miles. Ford and his wife Amanda have welcomed all cyclists to stop and fill their water bottles and look around the farm. The Waterstradt Farm is also home to a rest stop on the mid-October “Thriller Ride.”

From mile marker 38 to 43 you will cycle on Pine Hill Brock road. Pine Hill Brock is lined with beautiful pleasure horse farms with black board fences. This rolling road is very scenic and photograph worthy. From mile marker 44 to 46 you will be challenged by some of the tougher hills that we have to offer. Maximum slopes on these 2 hills are 10%. However, the view from the top is well worth the effort. From mile marker 46 to 61 you will settle into constant rollers and beautiful scenery. At about mile marker 43 don’t be surprised if curious looking Texas longhorn cattle come to the fence on your left to greet you. Some of the larger bulls have horns longer than the width of a pickup truck. From mile marker 59-60 you will cycle through Levi Jackson State Park. If you are here during the month of October, take a side trip through the campground. The campers are known far and wide for their over-the-top Halloween decorations. From mile marker 60 to 62 you will be on US 25/Main Street. This is a busy highway. However, the road is wide with a center turning lane. It’s still best to ride in single file on this road. You will finish in beautiful downtown London, the “Cycling Capital of Kentucky ™.” There are local restaurants and pubs as well as a local bike shop to visit after the ride. Congratulations. You have just completed one of the most scenic routes in Kentucky.

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